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Bardley Johnson

Applied Science Developer

Bradley is an Applied Science Developer at Geoneon, with a diverse background spanning data science, astronomy, atmospheric physics, and programming. Holding a BSc (Hons) in Physics (Astronomy) from the University of Tasmania, he has honed his skills in Python, MATLAB, QGIS, and Linux/Unix systems. His expertise extends to mathematics, chemistry, and oceanography. He played a significant role in the CSIRO StarFISH galactic legacy survey and has been pivotal in Geoneon projects, including hazard mapping and assessing infrastructure exposure. He specialises in crafting scalable algorithms with multiband satellite data, focusing on hazard susceptibility to advance climate change adaptation strategies.



  • Applied Science Developer
    2020 - Present
    Hobart, Australia
  • PhD Candidate
    University of Tasmania
    2023 - Present
    Hobart, Australia
  • Teaching Fellow
    University of Tasmania
    2016 - 2019
    Perth, Australia