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Geoneon Brand Style Guide

This resource is designed to guide you in using the Geoneon logo and brand assets in a manner that aligns with our trademark guidelines.

Read the Geoneon's Trademark Guidelines


Asset-1-Wordmark Logo
Primary LogoWordmark Logo

The primary Geoneon logo is a wordmark logo, transitioning from dark blue on the left to warm red on the right.

Asset-2-Icon-only Logo-1
Secondary LogoIcon-only Logo

The icon-only logo can be used when it better fits the space available than the primary logo.


  • Please always follow the white space specifications and use the logo files provided when using the Geoneon logo.
  • Ideally, the logo is placed above the heading and aligned into the same margin left-aligned text left-aligned logo. Centred text, centred logo, right-aligned text right-aligned logo.
Asset-3-Clearspace for Wordmark Logo3
For wordmark logo
  • Please use clear space that is 100% of the width of the ‘n’ across all applications for the wordmark logo.
  • When there is only provision for a small logo the minimum size for use is 30mm or 150px wide.
Asset-4-Clearspace for Icon-only Logo3
For Icon-only logo
  • Please use clear space that is 50% of the width of the ‘G’ for icon-only logo (except when used in app icons, or social media profiles).
  • When there is only provision for a small logo the minimum size for use is 10mm or 50px wide.


  • The full-colour logo is appropriate for use on a white or pure light background.
  • The white logo is appropriate for use over colours from the Geoneon colour palette or dark-coloured photos.
  • The dark blue logo is ideal for inclusion in documents designed specifically for monochromatic printing purposes.
Brand Style Exemple-2-Light Background
Brand Style Exemple-1-Dark Background
Brand Style Exemple-3-One Colour logo

Logo Misuse

Asset-8-Do not distort the logo.
  • Do not distort the logo.
Asset-9-Do not change the opacity of the logo.
  • Do not change the opacity of the logo.
Asset-11-Do not rotate the logo.
  • Do not rotate the logo.
Asset-12-Do not recreate the logo with a different typeface
  • Do not recreate the logo with a different typeface.
Asset-7-Do not apply colours other than Geoneons colour.
  • Do not apply colours other than Geoneon's colour palette.
Asset-10-Do not use the logo on a rich and colourful bg.
  • Do not use the logo on a rich and colourful background.

Colour Palette

Apply these colour proportions to any layout or collateral design:

  • The main text colours for Geoneon will be pure white and deep indigo.
  • Vibrant crimson can be applied as an accent colour for text or elements that require emphasis.
  • Midnight blue is predominantly a secondary colour, suitable for various design elements.
  • Pale lavender is designated for background usage.
Brand Style Exemple-4-VIBRANT CRIMSON

C0 M87 Y71 K0

R255 G70 B70


Brand Style Exemple-5-DEEP INDIGO

C52 M71 Y0 K75

R31 G19 B65


Brand Style Exemple-6-MIDNIGHT BLUE

C52 M49 Y23 K1

R134 G128 B158


Brand Style Exemple-7-PALE LAVENDER

C4 M4 Y0 K0

R240 G240 B255


Brand Style Exemple-7-PURE WHITE

C0 M0 Y0 K0

R255 G255 B255


Geoneon Trademark Guidelines

Last Modified: November 15, 2023

Geoneon’s Trademark Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) are designed to assist our partners, licensees, and other authorised entities ("You") in correctly utilising Geoneon's brand assets. This includes Geoneon logos, trademarks, service marks, and any other symbols, phrases, images, or designations that signify Geoneon as the source or origin of our products and services ("Geoneon Brand Assets"). You are authorised to use the Geoneon Brand Assets exclusively in alignment with these Guidelines and the comprehensive Geoneon Style Guide provided. Any usage of the Geoneon Brand Assets that deviates from these Guidelines or the Style Guide is strictly prohibited. Geoneon reserves the right to modify these Guidelines and the Style Guide at its sole discretion, at any time.

The Geoneon Brand Assets represent valuable intellectual property owned by Geoneon. By employing or referencing any Geoneon Brand Asset, you agree to adhere to these Guidelines and the Geoneon User Terms of Service. You acknowledge that Geoneon is the sole proprietor of the Geoneon Brand Assets, and you agree not to contest or disrupt Geoneon's rights in its Brand Assets. Furthermore, you concur that any goodwill generated from the use of the Geoneon Brand Assets accrues solely to Geoneon's benefit. Geoneon retains the right to inspect the usage of its Brand Assets at any moment, and may revoke or modify any permissions granted.

Should you have a separate written agreement with Geoneon, different or additional terms regarding the usage of the Geoneon Brand Assets may apply. In such cases, you are obliged to adhere to the specific guidelines outlined in your agreement, in addition to these Guidelines. In instances where there is a discrepancy between the terms, the specific guidelines of your agreement will take precedence.

Geoneon Brand Assets Explanation

For clarity, the term "Geoneon Brand Assets" includes a range of registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks owned by Geoneon. These assets encompass the Geoneon word mark, as well as the unique Geoneon 'G' logo, notable for its partially absent vertical bar symbolising Geoneon's solution-oriented approach. Additionally, this term covers various Geoneon slogans and taglines. The Geoneon name, its distinctive logos, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Geoneon Pty Ltd, registered in Australia and/or other jurisdictions.

Guidelines for Using Geoneon Brand Assets

To maintain the integrity of the Geoneon Brand Assets, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines, which are also detailed in the Geoneon Style Guide:

  • The Geoneon Brand Assets must not be integrated or combined with any other trademarks, logos, company names, product names, domain names, social media handles, or avatars. They should remain distinct and separate from your own branding elements.
  • Any alteration or modification of the Geoneon Brand Assets is prohibited. This includes changes in color, size, obstructing any part of the asset, or adding your design elements.
  • Avoid replicating the unique style and appearance of Geoneon's website, apps, marketing materials, trade dress, slogans, color schemes, or icons. Additionally, do not register or use domain names that incorporate "Geoneon" or similar terms that could cause confusion.
  • The Geoneon Brand Assets must not be used in a negative, derogatory manner, nor should they be associated with any content or websites that contravene laws.
  • Trademarks should be used correctly in text. Do not use Geoneon trademarks as nouns, verbs, in plural, or possessive forms. Instead, use them as adjectives followed by the appropriate noun describing the product or service (e.g., "the Geoneon™ climate risk report").
  • Clearly and accurately represent your relationship with Geoneon when referencing the brand.
  • Avoid implying sponsorship, endorsement, or any affiliation with Geoneon through disproportionate or prominent display of Geoneon Brand Assets compared to your own branding.

These guidelines are established to protect the value and identity of the Geoneon brand and must be followed to ensure consistent and respectful use of the Geoneon Brand Assets.

For any questions or notices, please contact us at:
Geoneon Pty Ltd ABN 90 626 203 496